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What You Should Know About Wireless Home Security Alarms

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One reason that wireless home security alarms are so popular is because you can easily install them yourself. This can save you a lot of money. Hard-wired systems can be very expensive to put in. They also require drilling into and getting behind walls with wires. With this type, that is not necessary.

Plan. Plan out where you will place your sensors. Determine where you want your control panel. It is a good idea to place it near the door that you and your family use most often. Keep in mind that it will have to be plugged in so it will have to be near an outlet. You want to avoid an outlet that has a switch. A switch may result in your alarm be inadvertently turned off.

Place sensors on your windows. The kit will come with window sensors. You may have two kinds. One type will sound the siren whenever the window is opened. Another kind will sound when it senses that the glass is broken.

While equipping your windows with sensors be sure that the most easily accessible ones are alarmed. You can generally not worry about the upstairs windows in a two story house. The exception is for windows that are hidden from view. If you have a dark area in the back that is blocked from view of the neighbors by trees, you may want to monitor that window as well. Other than that a second story is generally not used for entry into a house. The reason for this is because it would be very noticeable to passersby if someone had a ladder up to the window trying to gain entry.

Put door sensors on the doors to your residence. Do not forget the door that goes from the garage directly into the house. This door is often mistakenly overlooked. You may also want to alarm your garage door to keep the garage from being burglarized. After all, those items are yours and no one has the right to take them.

Program the siren. Read the instructions that came with your kit to set up the siren. This will let you know how to set your house code. You will have to plug the siren in once it is programmed. You do not want to plug it into an outlet that has a switch. Keep the siren out of plain view. This will protect it in the event of someone entering the house.

Program the control panel. You will use the keypad on the panel to program the information needed. Again read the instructions for your particular model. The instructions will make programming easier.

Wireless home security alarms really are this simple to install. Once you have completed the above, give the system a test. This will ensure that everything is set up and calibrated correctly. You will also have a chance to hear your siren. As long as everything works correctly, your house is not protected. Sit back and relax knowing that you have done something to keep your house and family safe.

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